Writers of the Future 4th Quarter Winners 4th Quarter Writers of the Future Winners

4th Quarter Writers of the Future Winners


Writers of the Future 4th Quarter
Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – Andrew Peery from North Carolina
Second Place – Ziporah Hildebrandt from Massachusetts
Third Place – Andrew L. Roberts from California



Karen Bovenmyer from Iowa
Jeanette Gonzalez from California
Paul Hamilton from California
Christian Monson from Arkansas
Jeff Soesbe from California


Anthony Bell from Washington
John Culver II from California
Nicholas Diehl from California
Philip Hall from Scotland
Jason McCuiston from South Carolina
John Walters from Greece
J. Deery Wray from California

Silver Honorable Mentions:

K.G. Anderson from Washington
Kristen Batstone from Pennsylvania
L. R. Braden from Colorado
Steven R. Brandt from Louisiana
Mark William Chase from Indiana
Paul E. Harmon from Arizona
K.R. Horton from Oregon
Storm Humbert from Ohio
Art Kasyanoff from Latvia
E.B. Koller from Minnesota
Annaliese Lemmon from Washington
J.L.A. Mathijsen from the Netherlands
Shawn R. McKee from Texas
Mel Melcer from the United Kingdom
Johan Persson from Sweden
Rajeev Prasad from California
Steve Rodgers from California
Rei Rosenquist from Hawaii
Jeff Suwak from Washington
Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis from Washington
M. Elizabeth Ticknor from Michigan
Neal Williams from Colorado
Ramez Yoakeim from California
Tannara Young from California

Honorable Mentions:

Linda Maye Adams from Virginia
Nicholas Adams from Utah
Ryan Adams from Massachusetts
J.J. Adamson from Vermont
Mike Adamson from Australia
Atreyu Addams from New York
Amanda Alix from Massachusetts
James Beamon from Puerto Rico
Godfrey Bedstedter from Illinois
Brenda Bensch from Utah
Rebecca Birch from Washington
Hilary B. Bisenieks from California
Hugh Blackthorne from Canada
Megan Branning from Pennsylvania
Z.T. Bright from Utah
Michael D. Britton from Utah
Thomas K. Carpenter from Missouri
Anna Cates from Ohio
Steve Cave from Washington
Alicia Cay from Colorado
Kyla Chapek from Oregon
Joanne Chapman from Utah
Chan Yuk Chi from Singapore
Rui Cid from Portugal
Erin Cole from Oregon
Joshua Cook from Tennessee
John Cornell from Colorado
Emily Craven from Australia
Marc A. Criley from Alabama
Matthew Cropley from Australia
Andreea Daia from Massachusetts
Donavan Darius from Michigan
Brandon Daubs from California
James Davies from England
Gabrielle DeMay from Texas
Destiny A. Donelson from Ohio
Wade H. Dunham from Canada
Terrance Dunnavant from Tennessee
Heather Lee Dyer from Idaho
Jacob Edwards from Australia
Joshua Essoe from California
Jen Finelli from Puerto Rico
AJ Fitzwater from New Zealand
Ron S. Friedman from Canada
Lana Elizabeth Gabris from Canada
Ismael G. Galvan from California
Katharina Gerlach from Germany
Debora Godfrey from Washington
Bryn Grunwald from Colorado
DW Harvey from California
Kola Heyward-Rotimi from Massachusetts
Patrick Hurley from Washington
Martha Husain from Colorado
Mitchell Inkley from Utah
Jose Pablo Iriarte from Florida
M. Kay from New Jersey
Art Van Kilmer from California
Marjorie King from Texas
Michael Kingswood from California
Benjamin C. Kinney from Missouri
Michael Kortes from Canada
R. J. K. Lee from Japan
Jordan Legg from Canada
Greg W. Lyons from California
L.J. Martin from South Carolina
Samuel Marzioli from Oregon
Zoe Mathers from Canada
Perry McDaid from Northern Ireland
Keith McDuffee from Massachusetts
L.D. McEwing from California
Rob Milligan from Utah
C.T. Miner from South Dakota
Mark Minson from Utah
Sean Monaghan from New Zealand
Rosie Oliver from England
John M. Olsen from Utah
Sarah Lauren Ortega from Florida
Y.M. Pang from Canada
Stephen Patrick from Texas
Florian Pekazh from Bulgaria
Beth Powers from Indiana
Lisa J. Prince from Alabama
Timothy Reynolds from Canada
Meghan Rodela from California
Sid Roe from Texas
Elizabeth Sadler from Georgia
H.J. Sandgathe from Utah
Patricia L. Shelton from Arizona
Austin Shirey from Virginia
Robert Anthony Smith from New Jersey
J.R. Spencer from Texas
Elise Stephens from Washington
Robert N. Stephenson from Australia
Xariffa Suarez from Texas
Travis Sullivan from Japan
Jeremy Szal from Australia
Alex C. Telander from California
Ryan Toxopeus from Canada
Nikki Trionfo from Utah
Michael T. Wells from Pennsylvania
Robert Luke Wilkins from California
Marc Venema from Canada
Nick Wood from the United Kingdom
Neil V. Young from California
Lech Zdunkiewicz from California


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