Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman – A Legend in the Star Wars Universe

You may not know this but back when there was no Illustrators of the Future Contest, we commissioned artists to illustrate the winning stories. That was when we first came into contact with Dave Dorman—he illustrated “Rachel’s Wedding” in Writers of the Future Volume V, published in 1989.

Dave is now one of our venerable Illustrators of the Future judges, most known for his Star Wars artwork having done covers for numerous Star Wars comics, books and magazines. His major works include Tales of the Jedi, Dark Empire and Young Jedi Knights. He also illustrated William C. Dietz‘ novella Dark Forces: Jedi Knight and he most recently did the cover for Star Wars: Darth Maul—Death Sentence.

So, while we have five writer judges who contributed to the Star Wars universe, we also have Dave Dorman contributing to our solid decision that International Star Wars day is our day.

Illustrator Judge Dave Dorman with Golden Brush Award winner, Michelle Lockamy

Illustrator Judge Dave Dorman with Golden Brush Award winner, Michelle Lockamy

Dave and his wife Denise braved it out to Los Angeles for this years workshop and annual awards event despite tornados and storms in their home state of Illinois. They made it just in time to come with the winners and judges to Cliff Nielsen‘s studio for the practical assignment in sketching of live models.

And David did an amazing presentation at the illustrator winner workshop. While he may not be a super hero, he is a super artist.

Writers and Illustrators of the Future wishes Galaxy Press a happy international Star Wars Day (a little early.) Until then…


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