H.R. Van Dongen

Illustrator Judge – Biography

H.R. van Dongen

H.R. van Dongen (1920–2010) was one of the premiere science fiction illustrators from the early 1950s through the 1970s, creating more art for Astounding Science Fiction than any other artist. His superb artistry led to at least one Hugo Award nomination for best professional artist. In addition to his work in science fiction, he illustrated numerous magazines and book covers over the years. He was widely recognized for his ability to read a story, extract the precise meaning of the author’s intent, and convey it through pictures.

Mr. van Dongen demonstrated his own precise artistic insight and conscientiousness while performing his judging duties. He became an Illustrators of the Future judge at the Contest’s inception in 1988, and remained one for the duration of his life.

“I only wish that there had been an Illustrators of the Future competition forty-five years ago. What a blessing it would have been to a young artist with a little bit of talent, a Dutch name and a heart full of desire.” —H.R. van Dongen