1990 • Volume 6

For the sixth annual Writers of the Future Awards workshop and ceremony, winners and presenters went to Las Vegas, Nevada. As part of the event, they participated in the American Booksellers Association convention, which gave them an opportunity to see and interact with the publishing and bookselling world.

The ceremony was held at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton on Saturday, June 2, 1990. Judge presenters included Jack Williamson, Frederik Pohl, John Varley, Ben Bova, Dr. Gregory Benford and Algis Budrys. The editor of Publishers Weekly, John Baker, was a special guest and presented the L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award to James Alan Gardner for his Grand Prize–winning story.

The Flamingo Hilton ceremony was also the first Awards event to feature the newly established sister contest for Illustrators of the Future.