Writer Winners – 3rd Quarter

Writers of the Future 3rd Quarter
Winners, Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


Congratulations to you all!


First Place – Matt Dovey of Horncastle, United Kingdom
Second Place – H.L. Fullerton of New York
Third Place – Christoph Weber of Nevada


Robert Woodridge of Washington (State)
Kristin Janz of Massachusetts
T.C. Powell of Oregon
Jennifer Dornan-Fish of California
Jeremy Szal of New South Wales Australia


Dustan Moon of Washington
Erik Rollwage of North Carolina
Brent Smith of Maine
Sky McKinnon of Alaska
Gwendolyn Nix of Montana
Dale Carothers of Minnesota
Colin Hacker of Colorado

Silver Honorable Mentions:

Jeff Abrams of Washington (State)
Dustin Adams of New York
Ezekiel James Boston of Florida
Jennifer Campbell-Hicks of Colorado
David Cleden of Hampshire, United Kingdom
Brigid Collins of Michigan
Mitchell Consky of Ontario, Canada
Vonnie Winslow Crist of Maryland
Darrel Duckworth of British Columbia, Canada
Alexander Duhamel of Planet Earth
Ian Gonzales of Washington
Thomas Griffin of Tennessee
Philip Brian Hall of Falkirk, United Kingdom
Joseph Perry Harmon of California
Rachelle Harp of Texas
Vincent Morgan of British Columbia, Canada
Johan Persson of Sweden
Michael Quicho of Maryland
E.L. Ratliff of Germany
Tanya Rochester of California
Steve Rodgers of California
Glenn Rosado of Florida
Alan Rutledge of Australia
J.B. Steele of Florida
Lou W. Sytsma of Alberta, Canada
Wole Talabi of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tabitha Crystal Tomala of Connecticut
Robert Luke Wilkins of California
Neil V. Young of California

Honorable Mentions:

Ivan Akins of Tennessee
Molly Elizabeth Atkins of Missouri
Haneen Babbitt of Colorado
Michael J. Barrett of Pennsylvania
Christopher Baxter of Utah
Joseph Baxter of North Carolina
James Beamon of Virginia
Traves Bellinger of New York
Rick Bennett of Utah
Rebecca Birch of Washington (state)
Sofie Bird of Australia
Ty Black of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Chris Boone of Canada
Tyler Bourassa of Saskatchewan, Canada
Hilary B. Bisenieks of California
LR Broberg-Moffitt of Oklahoma
Amber K Bryant of Washington (state)
Kevin Caldwell of California
Steve Cameron of Victoria, Australia
Brian Carlson of Alabama
M.J. Carlson of Florida
Kyla Chapek of Oregon
Thomas K. Carpenter of Missouri
Mark William Chase of Indiana
Justin Chasteen of Ohio
Nathan Clarke of Australia
Adrian Croft of Ontario, Canada
Preston Dennett of California
Diana Doherty of Virginia
Mark Douglas, Jr. of Florida
Laura Rainbow Dragon of Ontario, Canada
Brittany Du Bois of Maryland
Tracy Durnell of Washington (state)
Myke Edwards of Ohio
Nathan Ehret of British Columbia, Canada
R.C. Ericksen of Ohio
Robert Evans of California
Aaron Feldman of Ontario, Canada
Will Frankenhoff of New York
Felicia Fredlund of Sweden
Julie Frost of Utah
Tom Fucillo of New York
Steve Fuson of Oregon
Chris Galford of Michigan
Joe Gallagher of New Hampshire
Karl Gallagher of Texas
Joshua Gamon of Florida
Waldo Gemio of London, England
Catherine Girczyc of British Columbia, Canada
Alexa Grave of Wisconsin
Frances Silversmith of Germany
Shane Halbach of Illinois
Paul A. Hamilton of California
Belwoeth Harbright of Oklahoma
Zoe Harland of Queensland, Australia
Kelly A. Harmon of Maryland
DW Harvey of California
Sean Patrick Hazlett of California
Vernon Hedrick of Wyoming
Holly Heisey of Pennsylvania
Miriah Hetherington of Washington (state)
Angie Hodapp of Colorado
Theresa F. Hottel of New York
Mickey Hunt of North Carolina
Bob Johnston of Glasgow, Scotland
Philip Kaldon of Michigan
David Kernot of South Australia
Benjamin C. Kinney of Missouri
Jason Lairamore of Oklahoma
Kenneth D. Lee of Utah
Mina Li of Michigan
Aaron Littleton of Tennessee
Hugh B. Long of Ontario, Canada
Anna Magee of Maine
Kim May of Oregon
Muri McCage of Tennessee
Robert J. McCarter of Arizona
John McCollum of Indiana
Stefon Mears of Oregon
Jim Meeks-Johnson of Indiana
Sean Monaghan of New Zealand
Fiona Moore of the United Kingdom
Juliet Nordeen of Washington (state)
John O’Guinn of Oregon
J.I. O’Neal of Indiana
Al Onia of Alberta, Canada
Stephen Patrick of Texas
Keri F. Pauli of Washington (state)
Olivia Peterson of California
Chris Phillips of Ohio
Pammela Brooks Poels of Washington (state)
Rajeev Prasad of California
H.V. Purvis of North Carolina
Karina Rocha of California
Daniel Roy of Quebec, Canada
Jack Ryan of Arkansas
Adrian Simmons of Oklahoma
Roger B. Smith of Texas
Alex Spivey of Oregon
Patrick Stahl of Pennsylvania
Dustin Steinacker of Utah
Don Sweeney of Florida
Anastasia Taber of California
Victor Takac of QLD, Australia
Jason Thomas of California
R.L. Thull of Minnesota
Trent Walters of Idaho
Dava White of California
Walter L. Williamson of New Mexico
Ed Wilson of Alberta, Canada
Chrissy Wissler of California
William R.D. Wood of Virginia
Laurie Woodward of California
Tyler A. Young of Minnesota


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