Recent survey shows WOTF provides hope for future

We recently did an online survey for our Writers of the Future newsletter and I thought I would share some of the results of that survey with you.

The question: What is your favorite online newsletter?

Yours. It gives me hope for the future. A single piece of appropriate advice or anecdote can brighten my week. I particularly enjoy anything that relates to winners publishing full novels and making their dreams come true.

This is the only ‘newsletter’ I read, because it helps me make deductions and improve in my own art and writing with advice from actual artists and writers, which I don’t have in my life to learn from.

Sometimes the WotF stories tie everyday realities with the ‘what if’s of the universe in an entertaining way. There is a difference between reading something that just sinks a person in a never ending fantasy that you can’t ‘take anything home’ from and a story that opens your eyes, giving you new perspectives, new knowledge, new potential abilities/goals. Some of the WotF stories have the latter. That is invaluable in society.
The stories, the contest both interest me and I own a number of Writers of the future editions.

I absolutely love them (the WotF email newsletter), especially the new format. Stories + advice + being able to see the art properly = YAY!!

I like reading the articles by successful writers the most and then I like the space opera stories the next.

I have read and enjoyed WotF 30. That interests me in buying other volumes.

I have at least five or so, they are great shift in story telling subjects. Short, easy to follow.

The stories pretty much keep me buying each volume.

It’s the perfect way to find an interesting new author.

I’ve always bought them because I like to see the latest good science fiction stories picked by your talented judges.

I can’t think of anything that would make it more appealing.

I always buy them because I’m still submitting to the contest and want to see what is winning these days. If I was not submitting I would still buy the books because the stories in WotF are some of the most interesting and satisfying to read of all the English language short fiction being published these days.

I enjoy the stories themselves, the variety of styles. Skip those that don’t appeal to me. And learn from the ones I do read. I am always learning as an author.

I love these collections when I travel.

Great stories, great cover illustration.

To see the stories that won the contest and gain inspiration.
I buy it for the stories, illustrations, and writing advice.

I loved vol.30. I’ll be sure to buy the next one.
Thank you for the wonderful support of new writers.
Keep up the good work. Your messaging is friendly and you make it less dismal to be an aspiring sci fi writer (or a writer, or whatever it is a person is when they write all their lives but still haven’t sorted out fiction publication). Anyhow, Joni, you seem lovely and it’s heartening.

I enjoy most of the messages you send & would like this continue.
Participating in the surveys, the inspirational emails and Joni’s warmth makes me feel part of a community. I think you’re doing a great job.

You have done an extraordinarily good job of promoting this book. It is only a matter of time until Writers of the future becomes the model and shining example of new marketing for publishing.
Keep up the encouragement and good work.

Just to encourage you to keep up the great work! You inspire many aspiring writers and provide a great service to the genre writing and reading communities.

I like the larger format. The 30th edition is awesome. Please keep this fantastic, critical contest going.

It’s a great service you run, encouraging writers.

Thank you for holding contests.

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

Keep up the great work! You are a vital part of the industry, and

I am proud to submit stories most quarters.

This contest really matters. Don’t mess with it.

I think Writers of the Future is pretty great as it is and always enjoy reading the yearly book.

Please keep supporting new authors. It’s a tough world out there.

Keep up the GREAT job. I look forward to entering your contests every time I hear about them in hopes to someday win my first contest.

I find the contest amazingly personable despite how many entrants you must receive.

Just keep on keepin’ on! Thank you for this awesome opportunity for all writers.

I love the WotF contest. I hope to win it some day.

Keep up the excellent work.

I really enjoy the book, artwork and stories. just need more of them.


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