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Congratulations to our new moderator, Wulf Moon!

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Martin L. Shoemaker
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John Goodwin has asked Wulf Moon to become a Forum Moderator. Wulf has graciously accepted. Please welcome Wulf to his new role.

Let's not all misbehave at once, now...
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Congratulations  clapper

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That's cool. Thanks Wulf.

Chuck Thompson
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Wulf Moon
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Thanks, gang! It's an honor. If anyone wonders how I feel about this place, listen to the interview below. This is the best contest on the planet to discover and promote new speculative fiction writers. And this Forum is the best place in the world to figure out how to get discovered. May we all continue to contribute to the positive spirit, encouragement, and friendship that the WotF Forum fosters.

All the beast!

Wulf Moon

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