Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners

Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners Announced for Volume 36


Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Winners for 2019, Volume 36


This illustration contest list is the place to be!


And the winners are:

Arthur Bowling from Maryland
Kaitlyn Goldberg from Michigan
Anh Le from Viet Nam



Zackery Turner from Arizona
Ronna Raz from California
Mark Harchar from Florida
Zara Alfonso from Canada
Carolina Lebar from Tennessee


Diana Rose Penaloza from Virginia
Maria Rosaria Monticelli from Italy
Isabella Wang from California
Snezhana Martynova from Texas
Kaitlyn Loptien from Colorado
Dylan Francisco De Castro from California
Maria Biondo from Missouri
Melissa Burns from Utah
Viktoria-Luise Reinherr from California
Colin Lammie from Minnesota
Thad Stalmack II from Michigan
Pauline Penhouet from France
David Kudlac from Slovakia
Grace Nicoletti from Virginia

Honorable Mentions:

Anike Kirsten from South Africa
Arthur Doweyko from Florida
Jamal Monroe from South Carolina
Marco Antonio Ortiz Walters from Mexico
Megan Flynn from Pennsylvania
Emma Rach-Syslak from Canada
Lidia Malina from California
Shannon Cole from Illinois
Kayla O’Neal from Louisiana
Steven Gomez from California
Cristhian Montenegro Arias from Costa Rica


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