Kristie Kim walking to stage

Kristie Kim – Winning Illustrator of 2014!

Kristie Kim was one of 12 winners in this year’s Illustrators of the Future Contest and was awarded at the L. Ron Hubbard Awards Ceremony at the Ebell Theatre of Los Angeles on April 13th.

Kristie, who has studied illustration at North Carolina University, now works as an intern at Disney.

Kristie Kim on the stage

Kristie receiving her award at the ceremony

Her winning illustration was for the story “What Moves the Sun and Other Stars” by author K.C. Norton which will be featured in the Writers of the Future Volume 30, releasing May 6th.

Kristie Kim screen title

Kristie’s winning illustration, as shown on screen at the ceremony

Kristie Kim artwork

Another winning illustration

Writers of the Future Volume 30

Writers of the Future Volume 30

Following the ceremony, Kristie took part in a book signing with all other winning writers and illustrators.

Kristie Kim signing books after the event

Signing books

Kristie is holding a book signing at Barnes & Noble Bookseller in Raleigh, North Carolina May 8th at 6pm. If you’re in the area, stop by and get her to sign your copy of Writers of the Future Vol 30!

For her award in the Illustrators of the Future contest, the North Raleigh News ran a featured article on Kristie showing her illustrations.

We wish you all the best of luck in your illustrations!

Kristie Kim media

The North Raleigh News article

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