Writers of the Future: The One Stop Shop for Aspiring Writers and Artists

“Writers of the Future, after nearly four decades, has become the one-stop-shop for aspiring writers and artists,” stated Emily Goodwin, Vice President Author Services, Inc., the agency overseeing the Contests and the annual L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future anthology, which Publishers Weekly called, “the most enduring forum to showcase new talent in the genre.”  

An interview with Illustrators of the Future Winner, Illustrators of the Future Judge and Academy Award Winner, Shaun Tan.

With the Academy Awards event coming up just a block away from our headquarters here in Hollywood, I am reminded of one of our many Illustrators of the Future winner alumni successes.   That would be Shaun Tan, 1992 Illustrators of the Future winner when he, as a young teenager, was the first Australian to […]