S.M. Stirling

Writer Judge – Biography

S.M. Stirling

Steven “S.M.” Stirling is a writer by trade, born in France but Canadian by origin and American by naturalization, living in New Mexico. His hobbies are mostly related to the craft of writing. He loves history, anthropology, and archaeology, as well as interest in the sciences.

Steven has published over 40 novels, at least 5 of which are New York Times bestsellers and he has won awards including the Dragon Award for his novel, Black Chamber.

Steven has been a Writers of the Future Judge since 2021.

“In a time in which entry for new creators is desperately difficult, WOTF is a path for identifying and nurturing excellence and giving it that first precious leg up. I received generous help and mentoring from established pros when I started out, and being a WOTF judge lets me ‘pay it forward’ to the rising generation in a way that truly helps new writers and the field as a whole.” —S.M. Stirling

Find out more at: https://smstirling.com/